Day 10 of 100 – Round 2

I’m gonna need a good plan. Like a set goal with my paychecks or something. With a clear goal, I can hit it. Right now, I feel like I’m just winging it & I’m not a fan. I don’t work well with aimless direction. Make it clear-cut & I’ll destroy it. Leave nothing up to chance.

I decided to do this challenge with my finances but I’m not quite sure how to do it every 10 days. I have monthly goals & I can set up weekly goals but obviously, that doesn’t work with giving you proper updates.

So here’s what I’m thinking:

Instead, I’ll just pick a set amount to “save” from what I would otherwise spend &/or piss away & that’s what I’ll work towards. I downloaded Tip Yourself & I’m still getting it set up. It seems to be pretty nifty & I think it’ll help me put money aside for this goal. I know I’ve been spending money a lot lately I need to rein it in.

Sigh. I hate dealing with issues & disappointments…

Back to money –

Okay, let’s do $2500. Granted, this is a goal. I’m gonna work hard for it. I’m hoping I’ll knock it out of the ballpark! Even if I only hit $1000 it’s still $1000 I would’ve spent elsewhere. Every little bit counts, right?


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