My patience is running out

I’m ready to scream.

My chest is tight & it’s taking everything in me to hold my tongue & to not lash out at my bosses. Which, let’s face it, wouldn’t behoove me to do that. 😉

Both of my bosses work on their own time. Neither one is considerate of anyone else’s schedule but their own & so they tend to take their sweet-ass time. Tasks that should take 30 minutes tops get dragged out for hours. And I’m left waiting & wasting my time.

I’m beyond over it.

I’ve been sitting here waiting for 4 hours for Boss #1 to be done with the system so that I can *log on & work. And I can’t even be like, “Yay! Getting paid to sit around!” because I have several things that have to get done TODAY before I head to Job #2 tonight. So it’s not like I can stay late to work.

And, no, I’m not a procrastinator & that’s why things haven’t gotten done. Child, please. It’s Monday so it’s a busy day on top of normal daily shit that needs to get done. I just got caught up & ahead of the avalanche. I don’t need to get swept away by it again.

Boss #2 still hasn’t replied to my original email regarding scheduling nor has she commented on other issues I need taken care of before recital week (3 weeks). I’m not one to do things at the last minute & so being subject to those who clearly don’t give a shit about it is infuriating. Making everyone wait for you is selfish, rude as fuck, & has to be some sort of manipulation. It’s a power trip, right? “You have to wait for me” & such?

One of my favorite quotes: Prior planning prevents piss-poor performance.

Seriously. If either one would take an Adderall or coffee or a line of coke or some other stimulant, they could get so much done. Turn off notifications, shut the door, & fuck everyone else. Get your shit done & stop leaving everything to the last second.


I’m gonna need a Xanax if this keeps up.

* Because I work from home, I log into his computer remotely to work. Unfortunately, there’s only one computer so I’m SOL when he’s on.


Maybe I should try this with them? Hmm…


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