From inbox to outbox

I realized something kinda scary today. At first, I thought I just had some random bug bites, which is weird because I haven’t really been outside yet. Then a new thought, a more accurate thought jumped in.

I bet this is hives.


I’ve been so stressed that my body is freaking the fuck out. Yippee.

Once I realized what was happening, I got this new boost of energy & determination. I decided everything would go ON HOLD today & I would NOT. GIVE. UP. I will not end this day until I am 100% caught up on work.

It took me literally 12 hours of controlled, undivided attention but I finally did it. Much like the picture above, my inbox was unending & towering over me. But now, it’s all in the outbox. Or just completely out of my hands (but in a good way).

*deep breath*

I feel like I can finally breathe. This heavyweight that I’ve been carrying for about 2 weeks is finally gone. I made it through this challenge & I emerged as the winner. I’m feeling really good & really encouraged. And I know that tomorrow will bring a whole new list of shit to do but as of now, I’m AHEAD OF SCHEDULE! And I’m really happy. 🙂

TR ❤ …my hero…


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