Day 100 of 100

Woo hoo! I made it!…ish.

Final numbers on everything:


  • Down 3.6 lbs. Pathetic but I knew this was suffering a lot. As DD says, “Mental health is more important” & I honestly focused on that more. I am really enjoying weight lifting & yoga so I’m gonna keep that going.


  • I feel much better & much stronger. I’m sleeping better & outside of a few rough days, I feel like I have a better grip on my mental health. I haven’t cut, felt suicidal, or cried myself to sleep. Progress!



Since I have a good rhythm with my mental health, I’m gonna shift my focus on my physical health. I’m gonna try to not pressure myself but to take it one step at a time. Isn’t that the AA motto? Maybe that’s the trick. Don’t become so wrapped up in the details that you miss the simple day-by-day work. I don’t think I’ll keep track of it on here but just work on it on my own. I don’t know. I’m trying to find something that works but yet I don’t get overwhelmed with it.

I’m gonna continue my 100-day challenge with finances. I don’t really have a set amount I want to save but I do need to pay off these 2 cards I’ve had to use a lot lately. So I guess I want to see how much I can save each month by not spending money. I’d love to pay both of them off but I think paying one off & half of the other is more realistic. We’ll see, right?

Combining these two will be interesting for the first week or so. I’ll be eating whatever is in my fridge & pantry first before I go out & buy anything. It may not be the best for losing weight but I’m gonna be a cheap-ass first. Then I can buy the healthier items & move forward. It’s not like I have a pantry full of candy or anything, but I’m lacking on fresh fruit at the moment. I’m thinking my makeshift Asian salad for lunch or tuna salad on matzo. You know, like the Jews used to eat back in the day. 😛


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