Day 90 of 100

I’m really sorry I’ve been so quiet lately. I hope you don’t feel that I’m ignoring you or that I don’t need you anymore. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve been swamped with work & I haven’t carved out any time for me. So let me get you updated & hopefully, we’ll get back on track.


  • No idea. Like I said, I’ve been stressed so I’m sure that’s not helping.
  • I haven’t worked out in about 10 days. I know I said my health is important & I need to get back on track. I feel like I’ve been taking one step forward & two steps back. Every extra minute has gone towards playing catch-up in my professional life. I hate it. I’ve broken down a few times under the weight of it all.
  • I haven’t lifted weights. I can’t even feel guilty about it because I feel like I’m just now getting caught up at work. Like everything had to go on hold for a while, including my physical health.


  • I’m still with my affirmations. I just have them playing quietly in the background while I’m working.
  • My sleep schedule has been good. I feel like I’m getting a good amount of rest. I’m falling asleep immediately but I’m not sure if that’s due to exhaustion or not. If so, that can’t be good, right?
  • Outside of this shitty-ass stress & feeling like I can’t win, I’m okay. I’m kinda in this “wrap it up & go” mindset with any wounds I have. I feel like if I stop it’ll hit me hard & I’ll crash. My solution? Don’t stop.



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