My love affair with thunderstorms

It’s been raining on & off here the last 12-24 hours which is just lovely. I’ve always been blissed out from the rain, especially thunderstorms. Not surprisingly, I’m feeling a little better today. I decided to look it up to see why I enjoy thunderstorms so much. It could be nothing but if there’s a reason it makes me feel better, I’d like to know. 🙂

Dr. Michael Terman at Columbia did a study on negative ionization. Natural moving water (like rain, waterfalls, & so on) release negative ions into the air. This creates a natural antidepressant effect (source), which gives another reason why I enjoy it so much. It’s natural medication but in a larger dose.

I love how the rain washes away all the dirt & debris. Regardless of when it rains, it feels like a clean, fresh start. The air is clean, the birds are singing, & the plants are happy. The skies look like they were painted in grey watercolors. The grass looks like a vibrant green that suddenly comes alive. All is well & right with the world.

I’ve wondered what it would be like if I lived somewhere like Portland or Seattle where it rains 200 days a year. Would I be mellowed out or would I grow tired of it? I do love my home state, so much so I moved back after living on the East Coast for 4 years. I think I would miss the Midwest too much but I do think I need to make a trip up to the Pacific Northwest sometime soon. 🙂


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