Day 70 of 100

So I took a step back to breathe again. I could feel my anxiety rising & depression hitting. Everything felt overwhelming & there were times I didn’t want to move. I had a few shitty days but, generally speaking, I’m okay at the moment.

Here’s the update:


  • I started the keto diet with my BFF (LH) & that’s been really good. I’m no longer craving anything sweet. Not that I really did before but just the thought of it sounds disgusting to me. I’m starting to not crave unhealthy carbs so that’s good, too. Yay for progress! Weight-wise, I think I’m only down 5. Meh.
  • I still haven’t gone to class. I’ve felt really shitty & worthless & overwhelmed by life. However… It’s never too late to pick myself back up & try again. 🙂
  • I haven’t lifted weights either. Again, I’ll get back on the horse.


  • The affirmations are the bee’s knees!
  • My sleep schedule has been decent but my dreams themselves have been rough. Nightmares is a more accurate description. I realize this is probably because I was feeling shitty & my subconscious is acting out. So I get it.
  • Even in this midst of all of this, I do feel like I’ve gotten mentally stronger. I feel like I have some more confidence & I don’t feel quite as dismal as I did. 🙂 I think I’ll do another 100 days but focus on finances. Maybe one at a time is more my speed.



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