Day 60 of 100

The last few days to a week have been mentally rough but lemme give you an update on everything else:



  • No idea what my weight is. I’m getting a lot of anxiety over it so I’m avoiding it at the moment. I’m starting a keto diet with my bestie on Tuesday. Although, I’m playing with it now & trying to get a good feel for it.
  • I haven’t gone to class in about a week. Whoops. I had a dentist appointment today (thank God for Xanax) & the teacher wasn’t gonna be there during the last session so I didn’t go. It feels weird. Like my body got used to it & I miss it. Is this what health feels like? 😛 Next session is Tuesday & I’ll go then.
  • I haven’t lifted weights either. I’ve been having chest pains & labored breathing again in the morning. So naturally, I feel like a failure. :/ I’m gonna TRY for tomorrow.


  • The affirmations are still helping me out a lot. I found a bunch that I like so I just let it play for a while while I’m working.
  • My sleep schedule has been fucked lately. The past 2-3 nights, I’ve had intense stomach pains (anxiety, stress) so I haven’t been able to sleep well. Last night was a little better. I’m hoping to be back to normal tonight.
  • In the midst of this anxious hell I’ve been in, I’m actually feeling pretty good. I know it doesn’t sound like it but I’m not paralyzed by it. I haven’t had any attacks & I don’t feel completely lost. All are good signs of progress!


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