5 by 5

I grew up watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In high school, I grabbed every piece of BtVS merchandise I could get. I think it was my 15th birthday when my high school best friends got me a Buffy calendar. That was (& still is) amazing to me. 🙂

But of course, I loved BtVS. Hot people who kick ass – what’s not to love? 🙂 At first, I wanted to be like Buffy. I’m usually not a fan of blondes (I tend to go for brunettes) but she was incredible. And! She was dating the hot vampire, Angel. So there was that LOL.

I say “at first” because all of that changed when Faith came into the scene. Finally, a character that looked like me & had some inner conflict. Buffy tried to keep her life together & Faith embraced the chaos. To me, that was oddly comforting yet attractive. I didn’t have to keep fighting against the natural current I felt inside of me. I could just go with the flow. Not to say I would fully go off the deep end but it was good to know that I could just be me & that would be okay. I didn’t have to keep up with the facade that life was all good all the time. I could be real & show the pain I was feeling. I could find my happy medium between Faith & Buffy.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…Faith turned evil & whatever…


She’s still one of my favorite characters in the Buffyverse. She’s still 5 by 5 with me. 🙂


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