Chag Pesach Sameach!

Happy Passover!

For my lovely goyim friends, this is the time of year when the Jews remember the 10 plagues & how the angel of death passed over (get it?) our homes & we were free from Pharoah. We celebrate with a lot of wine & a special dinner (called a “seder”) that goes over what happened. That’s my short version of the holiday. For a more detailed version, go on over here.

But today’s post isn’t a history lesson. No, today’s post is about how things are spiritually shifting in me. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Much like our earth, the plates are shifting & soon there will be an interruption in my foundation. I don’t know when or where I’ll be in my life but I do know it’ll happen soon.

Case in point…

This is the first year I honestly don’t give a flying fuck about Easter. Like I’m dreading it. Granted, I do live in a highly Catholic & Lutheran area. I could throw a rock & hit 4 “He is risen!” signs. I’m a Messianic Jew, so yes, I do believe in the resurrection. I guess I’m just…over it? I don’t know. Like, “Yes, He’s risen. Okay, now let’s move on & help others.”

This is also the first year I’m not doing a traditional seder (I actually have the set that’s posted right up there!). I don’t have any horseradish nor do I have a shank bone (I tend to use chicken, which I also don’t have). But more than that, I just don’t have a strong desire to do it. I’d rather make some matzo ball soup & read through my Haggadah on my own.

Does that make me less of a Jew?

This is actually a serious issue I’ve been working on. I feel I’m in between two religions. Like a man without a country, I don’t know which one to call home. I don’t feel like a Christian nor do I feel like I’m Jewish enough to be a proper Jew. I can’t really describe it.

My spiritual journey is definitely a journey. I appreciate your patience with me while I try to figure it all out. And since I don’t wanna end on a serious note, here’s a crazy picture I found online. It’s my new favorite LOL!

לשנה הבאה בירושלים


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