Brain fog


All day long, it’s felt like I’m lost in a deep fog. I can’t seem to shake it off & push forward. I’ve tried tea & Diet Coke, I took a nap, I went outside – nothing. I’ve been wearing my glasses (that I only use for driving or when I’m really tired) all day to help me focus. Thankfully, I don’t have anything to do today that requires my undivided attention. I’ve been a little slower with getting work done but shit is still getting done.

My mind feels like it’s drunk & my body is just stumbling along. I was supposed to meet with a friend, TH, to go over some dance steps I was struggling with. Unfortunately, I had to cancel, which isn’t like me at all. Since I’m tripping over my own feet & unable to do piece together a complete thought, maybe I should stay home. 😉

I can tell there’s a disconnect, a delay between my mind & my body. It’s really starting to piss me off.


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