Day 50 of 100

Whoa! We’re halfway there! Whoa-oh! Living on a prayer!


Can we take a moment to talk about how RIDICULOUS he looks? Lack of product, v-neck cutout tank, multiple necklaces, & chest hair. And the classic off-the-shoulder 80s look.



Today is Day 50! Woo hoo! Let’s see how I’m doing:


  • No idea what my weight is. I purposely took this past week off. Why? Because I’m trying to not snap. I’d rather take a mini break versus having a breakdown. Wouldn’t you agree?
  • I’ve gone to that class (yoga) three times now! Yay! Go me! It’s definitely a lot of work & I’m getting a good shvitz in. I’m starting to look forward to Tuesdays & Thursdays. Weird, right? I even bought my own yoga mat (grey, of course)!
  • Weightlifting has been good, although I didn’t go yesterday. I woke up with chest pains & I was struggling to breathe. It took several hours for my breathing to go back to normal & for me to feel more “normal” & less like I was gonna pass out. Anxiety is a bitch. That’s a low-blow, too. I was doing GREAT. I didn’t need to deal with that. I guess the good news is that it has passed & I didn’t have an attack. I told myself if I was already breathing hard just sitting, I probably shouldn’t go lift some heavy weights. 😉 Good news is today has been really good. Like no “leftovers” or anxious residuals at all.


  • The affirmations are starting to click. I’m starting to believe that I am worth it, successful, loved, & capable of changing my future. Let me tell you – just getting to this point is a victory in & of itself!
  • Okay, so I have a little rhythm with my sleep schedule. I’m in bed by 2300 – *2400 & I’m usually asleep by 0030. Sometimes that’s 0130 but I’m working on it. I’m much happier with this schedule!
  • I’m finding myself making decisions that make ME happy & the best part is I’m not feeling guilty about it! It seems obvious, I know, but with crippling anxiety & depression, it’s not. You worry too much about offending the other person & thinking what you desire isn’t worth it. Guess what? That’s not true. You ARE worth it! The more I speak my mind, the happier I am. 🙂 I’m also caring less about someone else’s opinion on it. Oh, you don’t agree? That’s okay. You are entitled to your opinion just like I’m entitled to mine.

* Is it 2400? Or 0000? I don’t know. I’ve heard both.


My friend, CR, sent this to me. She said it reminded her of me! Ha! 

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