Getting things done

It’s a dark & rainy day out, which I just love! Ahh… However, sometimes I enjoy it a little TOO much. This morning, I overslept a little bit. Just by an hour. Nothing to make me crazy late but enough to attempt to derail my morning. Didn’t quite realize it’s Friday. Whoops!

I scrambled out of bed & immediately my brain is talking to me:
“Well, fuck. Guess we’re not going to the gym today.”

Um, no. I’m still going. I need to go, & even more than that, I want to go. So suck it up, princess. We’re going!

I’m working on retraining my brain. I’m not being abusive or self-destructive by any means. But I’m also not letting myself get away with apathy, especially when I’m mentally in a good place right now. I heard someone (who also struggles with anxiety & depression) once said it perfectly, “I don’t know when I’ll have another episode. So until then, I’m getting things done.”

Now isn’t the time to roll it off. I need to get moving, repair my armor, sharpen my weapons, & get ready for my enemy to attack, whenever that may be. That means doing what I don’t feel like doing, like going to the gym when it’s cold & rainy out. It means making the phone calls I’m dreading. It means drinking water when I want a Diet Coke. It means going to bed when I want to watch one more episode. It means being disciplined & determined to destroy my goals.

So yeah. I might be kinda bitchy because I’m focused.

But you know what?

As one of my closest friends, LC, puts it, “Bitches get shit done.” 🙂




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