For as long as I can remember, my Grandma has used this phrase to describe a get-together – “coffee-and.” And even though she hasn’t lived there in years, she’ll still say it in her Brooklyn-accent, “Why don’t you c’mon over & we’ll have some coffee-and?” It never used to faze me until I was around 8 or so & I realized what she was saying. Or, really, what she wasn’t saying. To me, it sounded like she never finished her thought.

One day, I asked her about it:

“Yes, mamaleh.”
What’s “coffee-and?”
“Oh, it’s just having people over for coffee and whatever else. Rugelach, cake, cookies, or whatever snacks you might have around.”
So why don’t you just say that?
*she laughs*

See, my grandparents are your typical Jews. They practically put on a feast & then get offended if you don’t eat 3 plates full of food. 😉

“What? You don’t like my cooking?”
No, Grandma, I’m stuffed.
Bubbeleh, Grandpa made some dessert so finish what’s on your plate.”
But…but I can’t! 😉

Actual footage of me at Grandma’s:


I didn’t understand why she wouldn’t just say what you were going to offer. “C’mon over for coffee and cookies.” How hard was it to add one more word?

It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized what she meant.

She wasn’t going to offer one item to her guest. No, in her true form, she would whip together whatever she had so they could nosh. She didn’t finish her phrase as to not limit herself. She purposely left it open-ended. She planned on treating her guest & filling them up.

As you know, I’m not a coffee drinker but I am a fan of this concept. Opening up my home & pulling together a variety of snacks or treats to please my guest. Not limiting myself by saying or thinking, “Okay, I have some cheese, some pretzels. I guess I could make something sweet.” But instead to be focused on the person & say, “I want to enjoy your company & to not worry about what you’re going to eat. I’ll take care of you.”

Why don’t you c’mon over & we’ll have some coffee-and? ❤
Lots of Yiddish today! You should be so lucky! 😉 

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