♪ The sounds of silence ♪

I’m split on how I feel about snow. I don’t like how it’s messy & how it makes everyone an idiot on the road. I’m not a fan of the bitter cold that usually comes with it either.


I am a fan of how it covers everything in its thick, white blanket. You can’t see the damage the winter has done to the plant life. The earth no longer looks brown & decayed. It’s a blank canvas, a fresh look. I’ve always loved how the trees looked with a sprinkling of snow on their branches. It’s visually striking to see a dark tree painted with white snow. Sigh…just gorgeous.

But what I love most about snow is the silence it brings. Everything seems to stop & slow down to welcome the snow. Outside of the occasional snow plow, it’s very quiet. It deafens the wildlife & demands its attention. Sometimes I’ll catch cardinal quickly flying across the sky like a red bullet. Colors appear more vibrant against the driven snow. It really is remarkable.

What about you? Do you love the snow? Or hate it? Does it snow a lot where you live? Or not at all?

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