As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved hugs. It’s number two on my love languages (“physical touch”), right after “acts of service.” Even being a little girl, I craved being held & loved on. I’m perfectly happy to be in someone’s arms & to feel their love for me.

Just to clarify…

I am picky about who I will hug. Random people? No. People I barely know? No. We need to have a CLOSE RELATIONSHIP. It’s a deeply intimate act for me. I put it on par with kissing. And people who assume I’ll hug them are just the worst. I realize as an introvert who loves physical touch that I’m a walking contradiction. That also means I need to initiate it. Nothing quite grates my nerves like someone who expects me to touch them. No. Just no.

My freshman year of high school, I was best friends with CS & SR. We always greeted & left each other with a hug & said, “I love you.” That was vital to me. I looked forward to it every day. Fast forward 20 years, I find myself hungry for that type of connection. Granted, I’m not some school girl anymore who needs to constantly touch my friends or receive verbal confirmation that I am loved. 😉 But the physical desire is still there.

I read a study one time that said hugging someone for 10 seconds can reduce stress, boost your immune system, & help with depression. And the longer we hug, the more beneficial it is to us. So during this 100-day journey, maybe that’s what I need to do, to find a “hugging buddy” who can deal with my conflicting needs. Hug me when I need it.

Preferably, someone hot. I kid, I kid. 😉


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