Louise Belcher is my spirit animal.

A conversation I had with a close friend earlier today –

I don’t understand why people are so into her. Nothing she says is earth-shattering. Why are people wowed by her “wisdom?”
To be fair, these are the same people who think mayonnaise is spicy.

So I naturally thought of that Bob’s Burgers quote. ūüôā

I know this local woman who is being encouraged by her friends to write a book & I think she’s considering it. I’ve read what she’s written. It’s boring & unrelatable. Yet she has “followers” who act like it’s from Moses himself, straight from Mt. Sinai. Little pieces of wisdom that only apply to her unique situation based on random decisions she made years ago. It’s like someone winning the lottery & then giving financial advice on how to be a millionaire.

I’ve tried to give it a chance. Maybe I just read a crappy article, not her best day or something. So I repeatedly¬†read different articles she’s posted. It’s all the same¬†snoozefest with no practical help. I struggle to finish an article.

…God, I really hope you don’t feel this way about me…¬†

I don’t understand it. What am I missing?

Am I jealous? Meh. Not really. I guess I never thought about writing a book myself. And why would I? What life-changing advice do I have? I’m just here to share my story & hope that it helps you out in some way.

I guess I just feel lost. Like this is all a big joke and I missed the punchline.

Seriously. What the fuck?

EDIT: I am aware of my bitchiness in today’s post. Sometimes you just need to vent, right?

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