Grissom with a beard > Grissom clean shaven. 😉

For the past few weeks, I’ve been going through CSI on Netflix. It’s a show I’ve always enjoyed but I never watched all the way through. It definitely piques my medical examiner interest as well. I find myself trying to guess cause of death before Dr. Robbins says anything. Stuff like, “Oh, foam in the mouth & nose! He probably drowned!” or “That’s petechial hemorrhaging!” Yes, I’m fully embracing it. 🙂

Coroner goodies aside, my main focus is on the Supervisor, Gil Grissom. I want to be like him. He’s an entomologist so not so much that aspect – ha! But in every other way, I totally do.

He’s incredibly smart. He quotes poems or famous lines all the time. He readily admits if he doesn’t know a topic & then will research it out. He prefers paper books to digital ones (YES). But in the midst of all of that, he isn’t arrogant. He’s soft-spoken and considerate.

He’s beyond kind towards people of all backgrounds and beliefs. While his team might scoff at someone who’s trans, he respectfully treats her as the woman she is. Comments were made against those who are Little People, have quirky sexual fetishes, those with Down Syndrome, and those on the Autism Spectrum. He quickly corrected said comments. He’s firm in his correction yet is full of compassion towards the victim of harsh criticism. Then he continues to treat people as they are – people with feelings, thoughts, & emotions, even those he rebuked.

He’s very meticulous yet doesn’t expect perfection from his team. He’s patient with others yet knows when to push them forward. He’s forgiving but not a doormat.

So far (I’m halfway through season 5), the only character he bumps heads with is due to Grissom’s unwillingness to play political games. I hate games too so I’m with him on that. And that guy (Ecklie) is a fucking tool so…

I could go on and on…

Even though he’s a fictional character, I found someone I idolize. I want to be known for my compassion towards others. I want to be well-educated yet freely admit my ignorance. I want to be respected by my peers and someday, be a strong leader.

I guess these are my new goals. 🙂

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