A change in appetite

I’m not a huge “sweets” person. Don’t get me wrong – there are a chosen few items that I usually love. Red velvet cake, sour gummies, & the occasional brownie (center piece, please!) hit the spot. But lately, that all sounds disgusting to me.

I guess it all started about a week or so ago. I took a bite of some kind of Christmas candy. I immediately spit it out. Like took off the trash can lid & flushed my mouth out with water afterward. Hell no. As my friend, SS, would say, “I wasn’t going to waste the calories on it.” It tasted fake & like garbage. I mean, OF COURSE, IT’S FAKE. It’s processed up the wazoo & prepackaged for my convenience. Yay, consumerism & all. 😉 I guess I was expecting it to taste like fairies dancing on my tongue or something like it used to. But alas. Not anymore.

I realized that I have been gravitating towards real, clean food. I’ve been making my own challah for Shabbos & I plan on making my own butter this week as well. I make my own marinara & Alfredo sauce, too. I’ve been cooking “out of the fridge” versus “out of the pantry” (if that makes sense). I use very little packaged items & I guess I’m finally starting to see the difference in my body.

I also realized that I’m craving fruit. Well, it’s January & here in America, that means my choices are beyond limited. But lately, cutie oranges & unsweetened applesauce are my jam. So maybe that’s just it. Maybe after having nature’s sweets, my desire for man-made sweets are gone. I don’t know. I do know that I’m happier with my choices & I know it’ll help with my overall health.

Oh, & I also know that I’m down 2 pounds. Ska-doosh. 🙂

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