I was raised by Jewish & Christian parents. As an adult, I find myself somewhere in between. I guess I would consider myself to be a Messianic Jew or a Reformed Messianic Jew. I don’t know. I’m not a fan of labels.

My point being that I find myself lately curious & leaning towards some more traditional Eastern practices. I grew up in a very “black is black & white is white” household. Any curiosity I had was immediately shut down & I was told it was “wrong” or “bad” or any other negative connotation. As I grew up, I did some of my own research & learned the world is grey & there are some other aspects I’m interested in learning. That’s not to say I’ll convert to Buddhism but I’m a fan of their simple living with a peaceful mind. And I personally don’t believe one religion has it down perfectly because we’re all human, we all make mistakes, & we all can learn from each other.

I’m interested in learning about meditation & chakras. Again, I’m not sure if I really believe in all of it but I can read & understand the science behind it. Time & time again, I’ve read how beneficial meditating is to the mind, soul, & body. It’s mentioned in the Bible but I have yet to find a Christian who actively meditates as much as Buddhist. And regarding chakras, it’s something I want to know more about. It could be that I research it & I pass on it. And that’s okay. I don’t think it’s right to dismiss a belief you haven’t studied for yourself. 🙂

I do believe everything is connected so maybe this will help me. If nothing else, it’s worth a shot.

Wish me luck. 🙂


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