To get out of the house the other day, I went shopping at Target. I love Target but I never go shopping just to go shopping. I need a reason otherwise it’s just not my bag. I feel like it’s a waste of time & money. I’ve always been like that. In high school, all the girls wanted to go spend hours at the mall. I would be bored but I craved their approval so I went. Yay for peer pressure!

Anyway, I went out to Target & roamed around for a while. I did pick up a few items that I needed (mostly groceries) but I was completely overwhelmed with the massive amounts of consumerism. BUY THIS! UPGRADE TO THAT! MORE MORE MORE!

Ugh. Just shut the fuck up.

What’s wrong with the things we already have? We clearly thought they were great when we bought them, didn’t we? Why do we need to buy more? What happened to being grateful & content with what you have?

The longer I stayed there, the angrier I got. It was just ridiculous. “This year’s model is the same as last year’s but it has a shiny, new lid on it!” Especially in the Christmas section. Oh, Lord. I’ve seen the same decorations year after year along with the same type of people. They fill up their carts & say, “Oh, they have it this year in royal blue versus last year’s navy blue.” Really? REALLY?!

I’m not trying to make snap judgments against those who buy a shit load of non-essentials. That’s their life. My issue is that there’s a demand for it. What would happen if everyone realized their Christmas decorations from last year were just as good for this year? I get needing to replace broken items but, let’s be real, that’s not the problem here. The problem is that we crave to be the best, have the best, & look the best. Keep up with the Joneses & what not.

You know what I say to that? Pass.

You already know I’m a minimalist & I use what I have first. All this experience did was prove to me that I’m on the right track. It encouraged me to continue to simplify. And not just with finances or clutter. I also need to simplify my time, my energy, & my thinking.

I did this experiment last night when I tried to think of a time I was really, truly at ease. When my biggest mountains were still attainable. When I had problems, sure, but nothing that would knock me out. When I went to bed feeling good about myself & that I had accomplished a lot that day. I had to go back awhile but I found the common denominator – I lived simply.

I didn’t stress over non-issues. My days were planned out like clockwork & so if I needed to “go through the motions,” I could. Without order, I feel like I’m wandering blind & aimlessly. But when I simply my life’s choices & take a step, I can put my mind to “cruise” & shit still gets accomplished. Sometimes it’s something as easy as minimizing your wardrobe or planning your meals for the week. Anything I can use to save my time, my energy, & my money for later can pay off in huge dividends.

I realize I’m writing a lot on simplifying. The irony isn’t lost on me. 🙂 However, this was a good light bulb for me. I needed this reminder to continue to identify the stressors & to cut out the bullshit that pulls me down. Every day is one step closer to me finding my true self, reestablishing my core beliefs, & having them line up within me. And the more I pull back & pull away from the noises of life, the clearer that end picture becomes. Every little proactive decision is like a puzzle piece & I feel like I’m starting to see the framework.

I’m getting there. One simple step at a time.

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