For some reason lately, my head has been randomly pounding. My water intake, my hairstyle, or any other of the “usual factors” don’t seem to be at play. It’s like a mild migraine. And, yes, I say, “mild” because I’ve had killer ones that make me wanna lie in the dark & not move. This is more like my head is in a C clamp but only on one side.

Speaking of which, do mild migraines even exist? Who knows?

My sleep schedule has been off as well as my diet. I’m sure that’s why & my body is reacting negatively to it. I mean, Occam’s Razor & all that. 😉 I’m gonna try to fix it all within the next few days. This is day 3 (I believe) of this nonsense & I’m over it. It’s starting to pull me down into that dark abyss & I need to avoid it if at all possible.

Wish me luck.

EDIT: And it’s morphed into a migraine. Fuck me. Good thing I don’t work 12 hours today…oh wait…

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