I have a new pet peeve – relationship chameleons. You know the type. They change whoever they are to please or impress the other person in the relationship. Oh, you like this actor? He’s been their favorite for years, didn’t you know? You drink whiskey? What do you know – they do, too! You think that person’s hot? OMG, so do they! So hot!

Small fucking world!

Usually, I just brush it off (after I internally eye roll or jerk off motion) & go about my life. But this time, it’s different. This time, it was a close friend & it was an intimate detail about me. They crossed a line. It’s no longer flattery in my eyes. Now, you’re just pissing me off. Why can you just be your own goddamn self? Why do you feel the need to copy me? What is so terrible about your life that you feel the need to be a fucked up version of me? Do you understand that there are times when *I* don’t even want to be me?

I have a lot of skeletons in my closet. If I open up & share one of them with you, don’t try to adopt it as your own. It makes me feel like I’m not validated. It downplays my feelings, my opinions, & my preferences. My life is not a fucking vending machine for you to pick & choose what you like about me & absorb it as your own. These are my battles, my wounds, & my scars. Earn your fucking own.

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