My “To Use” list

As a minimalist, I’ve embraced a lot of its practices. My home & mind are at peace & the calmness it brings is irreplaceable. There’s no way in hell I would go back. Honestly, I would love to be more “hardcore” but I’m not sure how realistic that is. I know there are more areas of my life that I can pull back from & return to a more simple, comfortable life. Like a Type A version of hygge. 😉

I had a shower thought the other day. You know how I have my daily To Do lists. They keep me on track  & organized. I realized I need a To Use list.

I have things I’ve been meaning to use that, for some reason, I haven’t. I bought food with the full intention of making a delicious meal & I passed it up for quick fast food. I bought plastic bins to finish organizing my garage…but they’re still just sitting in my garage. I saved half-completed projects & they’re now collecting dust. I have plenty of items in my house. I have more than enough. All I need to do is to focus on what I have & in the words of Tim Gunn, “make it work.”

So that’s my plan. I will use up what I have first before I look elsewhere. Especially if it costs me any amount of money. I will write out all of my little projects & tackle them one-by-one. I’m gonna make October a good month to work out these kinks before the cold kicks in. 🙂

You know what’s not on my To Use list. People. And they should never be on your list either. Please remember that people are vastly more important than things. Don’t become so wrapped up in your To Use list that you blow off others who may need you.

What’s on your To Use list?

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