Instant confidence

I’ve been running this experiment for the past few days & I gotta say – it blows me away how much better I feel! What am I doing to boost my mood? Literally straightening out my back so I have good posture. That’s it.

It sounds mundane but OMG. I feel like I’m walking more with power & confidence. I feel more in control & assertive. All from elongating my back. Crazy, right? I’m a dance teacher – I KNOW the benefits of good posture.

I’m trying to implement it into my daily life. I work at my desk for my day job which means I start looking like Quasimodo within a short amount of time. I’m trying to get up & move more. I get up, make sure my spine is aligned, & grab a glass of water or tea. These are just little changes I’m making but I’m seeing huge improvements. 🙂

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