Chest pains

Since I’ve been on medication, I’m happy to report I’ve only had 2-3 “minor” panic attacks. I call them minor as they are nowhere near as intense as they were pre-meds. And, good news, I have the option now to take a Xanax if I’m feeling like they’re getting too intense.

But lately, I’ve been having some chest pains. Nothing that would require additional help (like Xanax) but enough to make me keenly aware of it. So I went back to taking kava in capsule form. Kava is a natural sedative. It doesn’t knock you out or make you a zombie, as I’ve heard others have had that effect with prescription drugs. More like it just helps calm you down. Like a friend who shows up with a blanket & a hot cuppa. 🙂 A lot of people use it for anxiety & it seems to work great. It does work for me; I’m just not a fan of waiting for it to kick in. It takes about 30 or so minutes for me to start noticing it. That’s a long time when your chest is getting tight & your breathing is more labored than usual. :\

Anyway, I’m not sure what’s causing this pain. I feel more in control in my life. Things are falling beautifully into place & I’m a lot less stressed. So why is my chest hurting? What does my subconscious know that my conscious doesn’t know? Maybe it’s because everything is going well? Like I don’t trust it?

I don’t know. Hopefully, I’ll figure it out soon.

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