By the power of 1-1-1-1 — I make my wish. Let it be done.

The first time I heard about this “magical number” (& the resulting chant) was when I was 16 or so. I was taking a friend from dance home, as she lived fairly close to my house. We were both sweaty & sore from class but still laughing & enjoying the cool Saturday morning. She stopped me suddenly & said, “It’s 11:11! Quick! Make a wish!” Umm, what? Why would I make a wish? “It’s 11:11! You have to if you want it to come true!”

She pulled herself together tightly, closed her eyes, & whispered her incantation. She was quiet for a moment before she popped up, smiled, & said, “I hope it comes true!” Dubious, I kept driving to her house. I dropped her off, waved goodbye, & thought about what just happened on my way home. Is that really true? Can a certain time make my wishes come true? As a little girl, I wished upon shooting stars but that seems more common & socially acceptable than a 60-second window. I’m not one for superstition but my interest was definitely piqued.

For the next several years, like any other high school girl, I would casually play this game. Much like MASH or a paper fortune teller, I thought it was just a fun thing to do. Since that day in my car, I’m impressed with how many people know about 11:11 & actively wish upon it. The people who are die-hard into it claim there’s a spiritual opening & cosmic powers are at work. I personally don’t understand how a certain time frame is susceptible to mystic forces.

If this is something you believe & participate in, please let me know. I’m always interested to hear others’ perspectives & to learn what they’re passionate about.

I realize just mentioning this may spark a Baader-Meinhof phenomenon where you start seeing 11:11 more frequently. Sorry? 😉


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