Brown baggin’ it

I’m part of a private Facebook group for saving money. It’s connected to an amazing blog. I guest posted on this blog for a year about my journey to knock out debt. I’m almost through everything (which I count as personal loans, credit cards, medical payments, etc) except for my student loans. I’m really, REALLY close to being done. Thank God.

Anyway, I saw another member wrote how she meal planned her lunch & she hasn’t gone out for lunch in 3 weeks! Wow! I was really inspired. I probably go out for lunch 2-3 times a week. It’s never anything extravagant ($15 maybe?) but I know it’ll add up. $15 x 3 meals x 4 weeks = $180. $180 is a nice dent so I’m gonna do it.

I started yesterday & I’m gonna go until August 9th. I do have a few exceptions to my challenge:
– I’m heading out of the town at the end of the month so I’ll put it on hold during that time until I come back.
– Occasionally, I’ll have lunch with a friend. I know she looks forward to it as well & I don’t want to take that away from her. I’m not gonna punish her for my challenge if that makes sense. During this time, we might meet twice. I can do that.

I encourage you to join me as well. Let me know how much you save! 🙂


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