Turning red

So I’m one of these people who turn crazy red. A lot. I’m not even embarrassed or ashamed. Just the attention on me or laughing or whatever triggers the blushing response in me. It annoys me. But it’s nothing compared to every asshole on the planet pointing it out. *side eyes for days*

“OMG! Look at you!”

“You’re so red!”

“Are you embarrassed?!”

No, I’m not. Sigh.

It’s just a natural response tied to my anxiety. And now you’ve made it worse. By pointing it out, I can no longer control it & my heart starts racing. I have to focus on my breathing now so I don’t have a panic attack. I can feel my face getting hot & I start to feel “trapped” in my skin. My anxiety is skyrocketing while you’re having a good laugh at my expense. Thanks, asshole.

So, yes. I blush. I’M HUMAN. Stop looking at me, don’t point it out, & it’ll fade.

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