I have no idea who those kids are but, my God! They are adorable!

I went to a friend’s house today for her birthday. There were around 10-12 of us around a table playing a game. Everyone got along really well & were sharing laughs. I only knew the host & hostess but I could feel the love in the room. They were all here for the hostess & honestly cared for her. She’s gone through some really rough obstacles but you’d never know it. She powers on with grace & dignity. I have a lot of respect for her.

So here we are, celebrating her & her life. I couldn’t help but feel the amount of acceptance in the room. As an introvert, I’m quietly observing. I occasionally will make a joke or two but I’m more there for support & to “feel out the room.” I’m easily finding my fellow introverts in the midst of the loud laughter of the extroverts. 😉 No judgment. Just an observation. A couple of these total strangers would engage me in little comments & jokes which is great for my self-esteem. They didn’t judge me but accepted me as I am. They were being polite whereas I felt visible & important.

Even though I didn’t know these people from Adam, we were all laughing together. It reminded me of being in another country (YEARS ago) & connecting with the local kids through laughter. Laughter is a universal language. We all want to be happy & have a great time. I quietly reminded myself that I’m in a safe place with safe people. Put aside your insecurities & worries. Relax in the presence of someone new & laugh.

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